Baehr Ultima XL Installation
(Preliminary stuff)

My first thought after opening the package for the Baehr Ultima XL, "That's a lot of cables."  My second thought after rummaging through the box, "I hope all the connectors fit correctly."  My plan is to hook up the following devices: Motorola V551 cell phone, Motorola T7100 or Motorola TalkAbout 250 two-way radio , TomTom navigation system, and my Palm TX as my MP3 player.

But before we get into the details of installing the Ultima XL, here is the content of the package including the cables I had to purchase for all the hook ups.

Ultima XL intercom unit

You get two headsets (driver and pillion)

Each headset has the above contents.  You will need a hot glue gun to attach the
speakers and mic to the helmet.

Extension cable for the driver and pillion hook ups.

Driver and pillion connection cables.  You also see the two caps for closing
(water proofing) the unused cable to the intercom.

This is the accessory bag with zip ties, alternate Velcros, a fuse, Baehr stickers,
and a small screw driver for changing the volume of the intercom.

Caps for unused universal cables and more Velcro like mounting stuff.

Below are the device specific cables I had to purchase in order to hook up all my electronic toys.  The intercom comes with universal connectors only.

The three cables above is for FRS/two-way radios.

2.5mm cell phone cable.

This is the MP3/CD/etc. cable.
I bought a second cable for TomTom audio connectivity.

I made one mistake on the cable purchase.  The Motorola T7100 two way radio takes a 2.5mm stereo jack.  I accidentally ordered a 3.5mm.  I could spend time to make an adapter but it's easier to just purchase the right cable.  Back to the vendor I go.  I ended up purchasing the 2.5mm cable and also the FRS cable for my Motorola TalkAbout 250 also.  Even though the TalkAbout only has a range of 1 mile, it's the clearest two-way radio I've used so far (among all the other Motorola two-way radios).

The other thing I have to deal with is the Bluetooth headset receiver for the TomTom.  Unfortunately the Bluetooth connector has 4 rings instead of 3 (like a standard stereo plug).  As a result, I have to come up with an adapter that goes from 2.5mm stereo to a 3.5mm stereo.  From what I have learn on the Internet about Bluetooth pin-outs,  rings 2 and 3 are for the microphone.  Rings 1(the tip) and 4 are for the speaker.  So what I did was purchase two female stereo connectors.  On is a 3.5mm and the other is a 2.5mm.  Since I only need rings 1 and 4, all I had to to was wire the standard stereo jack for rings 1 and 3.  I'm jumping ahead here but it works like a charm.  There's a little noise but I don't particularly care since the navigation system doesn't talk too often.

Bluetooth jack

Now on to installing the Ultima XL on my R1200GS.

Baehr Ultima XL installation Part 2 (Installing the electronics)
Baehr Ultima XL installation Part 3 (Putting the speakers in the helmet)

Written on: Mar 16, 2006
Last modified: Mar 19, 2005